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Surface Safety Valve

MCM Oil Tools Surface Safety Valve Unit is a “failsafe-closed” or “failsafe-open” hydraulically actuated gate valve used in well testing in offshore and land operations. The unit can be installed upstream from the choke manifold and tied into the Emergency Shutdown System (ESD). When activated prevents backflow in the event of a flow-line rupture between the surface test tree and the choke manifold.

  • Offshore/land operations
  • Well Cleanups
  • Production/well tests
  • Drill stem tests
Features & Benefits
  • Provides an additional barrier with emergency shut-in capability in the event of overpressure, failures and leaks in downstream piping or other emergency situations.
  • Helps reduce overpressure safety risks to personnel
  • The package provides an enclosed protective lifting frame to allow safe and easy placement of the valve
  • Provides a metal-to-metal sealing for enhanced safety
MCM SSV Package Consists of:
  • Failsafe valve
  • FUE 1502 (Male & Female)
  • Skid
  • Sling